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ACTS Fleet Maintenance Service, founded in 1989, is a unique fleet service where hardworking honest values come first. The name “Acts” is taken from the Book of Acts in the Bible. We strive to follow the Great Commission; to go out and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. This business has been dedicated to His glory and the celebration of His gift of Salvation.

At ACTS Fleet Maintenance Service we believe our clients deserve the best. Therefore we provide professional and reliable mechanical service to all of our customers’ vehicles. Our top quality, experienced technicians insure properly maintained vehicles that will provide your company the opportunity to be more efficient in your day to day operations. With such an increase in safety awareness in Tennessee, we want to provide you with the service that will make you rest easy knowing that your vehicles meet all state and federal safety regulations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professionalism, while changing the face of our industry.
With the highest level of customer service, quality,
and integrity, we stay on the cutting edge of technology.
As we exhibit passion and reliability to the Preventive Maintenance Industry,
we strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to win the confidence of all our clients, and enter into a loyal long-term relationship.